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Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust

Organ Transplant scheme

Government of Karnataka is implementing the ‘Organ Transplantation Scheme’ for poor/BPL patients of Karnataka, vide GO No. HFW 64 FPE 2018, Bangaluru, dated: 3-12-2018. Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust (SAST) is the nodal agency to implement the scheme. SAST will be responsible for empanelment of private hospitals, pre-authorization and payments for transplants to hospitals as per the mechanism followed in the Ayushman Bharath-Arogya Karnataka Scheme.

About the Scheme

The scheme is applicable only for BPL recipients, receiving organs from live related donors and such transplants will be conducted in Government hospitals. However in the event of the Government hospitals not having the capacity to perform such transplant then it may be referred to empanelled private hospitals. In the event of cadaveric transplants (brain dead), the transplant can be conducted in government or private empanelled hospital as per the registration of the recipient and availability of the Organ in the retrieval centre. The allotment policy of the Jeevasarthakathe society will be followed for preauthorization of the procedure other conditions like BPL/Poor recipient is also applicable. .


• Poor/BPL patients of Karnataka State identified by BPL card and Aaadhar card are eligible under the scheme.

• The beneficiary should visit Public Health Institutes (INU, SJICR, PMSSY, IGE) and after evaluation should register for Organ transplant after getting the approval from the authorization committee(Hospital level/District/ State level authorization).


• All public Health Institutes can evaluate the patients for Organ transplant and can refer to the hospitals of centre of excellence for further process of Human Organ transplant.

• The centre of excellence can evaluate the patient and direct the patient to get register under the Jeevasarthakathe for cadaveric organ transplant.

• In the event of the patient opting for live related organ transplant, he/she can be evaluated and can register for human organ transplant. If the centre of excellence has not having the capacity to conduct the organ transplant those shall refer to empanelled network hospitals

Treatment & Benefit pacakges

• The total cost of Kidney Transplant surgery is –Rs.3 lakhs per patient, per year

• The total cost of Heart Transplant surgery is –Rs.11 lakhs per patient, per year

• The total cost of Liver Transplant surgery is –Rs.12 lakhs per patient, per year

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