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Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust

The scheme will get implemented in an "assurance mode" through Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust to the "Hutti Gold Mines employees and their dependents" by a network of "Empaneled Hospitals" with no financial cap. It will be "Cashless" to the beneficiaries and will be with or without referral flow in HGML hospitals.

Beneficiaries & Coverage:

"Beneficiary" means and relates to all Hutti Gold Mine staff, employees and their dependent family defined by the Hutti Gold Mines from time to time and as such all of them are covered under this scheme.

The dependents family members of a Hutti Gold Mines includes as defined by the Hutti Gold Mines Limited.

• The wife or husband of the Hutti Gold Mines Employees/ Staff.

• The father and mother (including step mother) if they ordinarily reside with the Hutti Gold Mines employees.

• Children including adopted children and step children, of a Hutti Gold Mines employees who are wholly dependent of such Hutti Gold Mines employees or as defined by HGML

The above details shall be declared and certified by the Hutti Gold Mines employees.

Benefit packages:

The scheme covers 23 broad specialties comprising of 7 tertiary and 16 secondary care. It consists of "1650 procedures" pertaining to and which fall within the broad specialty.

The organ transplants can be done without referral in any of the empaneled hospitals without referral. The package cost is notified in GO.HFW 64 FPE 2018, Bengaluru, dated: 03.12.2018.

In case of emergency procedures if the beneficiaries procure treatment in non-empaneled hospitals, SAST shall not cover the expenditure incurred but may advice HGML on the reimbursement amount if HGML so desires at no cost to HGML.

SAST will not provide daycare and OPD services and will not cover recurring cost of medicines, consumables and lab investigation outside the treatment package.

Beneficiaries Identification:

The beneficiary is identifiable by Hutti Gold Mines limited BR Number which will be integrated with the Hutti Gold Mines employees data base.

In case of "Still born" child or child whose age is not above one year, being a beneficiary; the identification is by way of a mere declaration by the Hutti Gold Mines employees are inclusion in the data base of HGML.

The Hutti Gold Mines Limited shall allow Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust to access the data base of the HGML employees for the purpose of identifying the Hutti Gold Mines employees, staff and their dependents.

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